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Hughes Hypnosis and Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy

Board Certified Clinical & Consulting Hypnotist
Robert Hughes MPA, BCH, CHt, CHtA

Programs and Classes



Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis combined with Acupressure
A single 3-hour long session leads to complete freedom.

Hypnosis is the easiest and most effective way to become a non-smoker when you are ready to make the change.

I use hypnosis combined with muscle testing and acupressure to rapidly eliminate your mind's need to smoke. (Acupressure, not acupuncture - no needles) It takes one 3-hour session for you to become a permanent non-smoker. During the session you learn an acupressure point that you can tap on to reduce your craving for tobacco. Then you enter a gentle state of hypnosis to re-educate your subconscious mind so that you delete smoking from your life. Hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking and when you add the acupressure point to the hypnosis session, the combination is unbeatable.

I guarantee you one free support session if you start smoking again within a year. My clients rarely have to use the support session - most people have no trouble adopting their new dynamic lifestyle as non-smokers after one session. 80-85% of my clients are still non-smokers a year after their session.

"I haven't smoked in 3 years and never missed it." Mike M, Boise

"Robert, it's great, and so easy." Marilyn McM., Boise

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Related Disorders

In 2007, Idaho Pediatric Gastroenterology, Idaho's premier medical clinic treating children for gastro-intestinal problems, approached Robert about establishing a program to help their patients control pain and speed healing. Robert developed a program involving 2-3 individual sessions and daily listening to relaxation and self-hypnosis CDs.

The results have been absolutely spectacular. The children are experiencing rapid relief of pain, and amazing improvements in symptoms. Hypnosis is not a “cure” for these conditions, but when it is a part of an overall program of treatment, hypnosis does lead to wonderful improvement. Robert has been fortunate to work with a stellar group of physicians, and in combination with them, the results have been great. Robert has worked primarily with children, but research shows that adults with IBS or gastroparesis or other gastro-intestinal disorders can also benefit from hypnotherapy.

"Mom says she has her daughter back, but I feel like I have my life back." Marissa, Eastern Oregon

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Drug Free Hypnotic Childbirth

Experience the miracle of hypnotic childbirth - pain control without drugs - incredible focus on the miracle and joy of birth
  • Feeling totally in control of the process
  • Shorter and easier labor
  • Smoother flow
  • More powerful bonding with your baby
  • Being wide awake
  • Powerful hypnotic pain control
Many women report that their hypnotic delivery was like being in a dream in the middle of a miracle. You can shorten labor by an average of four hours for a first baby, and leave yourself with much more energy for important things like getting to know your baby. The goal of hypnosis in childbirth is to enhance the normal birth process and to put you in control by removing the fear. Some women experience an almost out-of-body delivery, and others are aware of every instant, but simply don't experience the contractions as painful. They are aware of the powerful work their muscles are doing, but it just doesn't hurt. And best of all, they know they are in control throughout - even at the peak moments.

It usually takes 5 to 6 sessions to prepare you to fully experience hypnotic birth. I teach your coach to practice with you between sessions, and supply scripts to use. Hypnosis is not a substitute for regular prenatal and delivery care, but it certainly adds to it and helps you make it the miracle it deserves to be.

"My doctor knew I would be using hypnosis and supported me every step of the way. When he arrived in the delivery room, he thought I had had pain medication because I was so relaxed and calm... I can't imagine doing childbirth without some form of hypnosis. I wish more women knew it was available. I know I will never have another baby without it."
Darien F, Boise

"It's great! I felt calm and relaxed the entire time. There's nothing like it on Earth!" Jenefer H, Boise

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Academics and Testing

Are you or one of your children suffering from an academic block such as Math anxiety or inability to spell? Hypnosis can often help. Hypnosis has been used to help people with attention and focus problems as an adjunct to other treatment. Many people suffer from test anxiety that can be a mild irritation, or severe enough to cause migraines and illness. Hypnosis can help resolve even severe cases in a very few sessions.

One of my specialties over the past 9 years has been helping professionals such as Nurses, Physicians, Lawyers and CPAs take their professional examinations. (Bar exam, CPA exam, Nursing Boards etc.) I have an outstanding record of successful clients going on to pass their exam after just one or two preparatory sessions with me. Of course they do their study and preparation, but the hypnosis helps them relax and has their brains firing on all cylinders on test day.

Shelly, a BSRN graduate who had failed her nursing licensing boards 5 times due to test anxiety, came to see me for one session and easily passed on her sixth try.

Kathy, a law school graduate, contracted a severe illness that prevented her from taking the bar exam for 9 years after graduation. She took a bar review course and also came to see me for three sessions for relaxation and a fired up brain. She passed the bar on her first try.

"Robert, - thank you for your assistance in 'rewiring' my subconscious to release that stress and anxiety for testing. I passed my board exam!" Isabelle. W., RN  ("darn, that feels good!")

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How would you like to shave several points off your golf score just by learning to stay relaxed and focused? A single session or two could do it.

Doing OK at athletics may be 95% physical, but reaching your peak is 95% in the mind. Learning to be calm and relaxed even when you are playing hard is the key. Willie Mays once went an a .500 hitting streak and told reporters that every time the pitcher threw the ball, it looked as big as a watermelon and he couldn't miss it. Now THAT is self-hypnosis. When you work with me, you learn to get your mind in the game and get you worries out of your mind. A couple of sessions can work wonders.

Jim, a runner, dreamed of qualifying for the Boston marathon. To do so, he had to beat a qualifying time in another marathon. He tried twice and failed to finish the race. Jim and I worked together for one session, visualizing and prepping his mind for the qualifying marathon. We set a target time that would beat the qualifying time, and then hypnotically rehearsed the run. When the race came, over the 26-mile, 4-hour course, Jim was relaxed and calm. He finished the race with plenty of energy, and he beat our target time by 9 seconds - a personal best. A session or two could help you reach your personal best as well.

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Apprehensions, Worries and Fears

Most simple phobias and fears can be resolved in 1 to 2 sessions. More complex cases may take a little longer, but generally can be helped substantially.

One woman with a paralyzing fear of spiders came to see me for a session. Even seeing a spider on TV would cause her to curl up in fetal position or to totally panic. That obviously made life in Boise really difficult. After one session, she told me that she hadn't realized how beautiful spiders were, and could actually let them walk on her with no sense of discomfort.

Another man with a fear of flying, after one session was able to fly comfortably. He says flying is still not his favorite thing, but at least he doesn't have to have 3 drinks just to get on the plane any more, and when he does fly he is comfortable and at peace instead of sick, pale and trembling.

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Dental / Surgical Phobias, Pain and Preparation

Many people are afraid of the doctor or dentist and don't get the care they need. Or because of needle phobias, they have to be drugged just to take a simple blood test. Many people have incredible difficulty with diagnostic procedures because of phobias of small spaces. It is generally possible to resolve medical and dental phobias in a session or two.

Hypnosis can also help you prepare for surgery and other procedures. Hypnosis can help you minimize post-surgical pain and speed recovery. A session or two can powerfully help your mind marshal its healing resources and get your mind in line with helping your doctor help you be as healthy as possible.

"My doctor was amazed that there was very little bleed during the surgery. I had absolutely no infection, and I only took narcotic pain pills for two days. Everything went as smoothly as you suggested it would. Thank you, Robert." J. M. Boise (Major abdominal surgery)

Note: Hypnosis is never a substitute for medical care - it is a powerful tool to help you and your doctors achieve the best outcomes by getting your mind actively involved in the process.

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Rehabilitation, Pain, Cancer Pain

Hypnosis has been used very effectively as an adjunct to treatment of serious illness, in combination with regular medical care. Hypnosis can put the patient back in control of chronic pain associated with many diseases. Hypnosis can help heart disease patients find the motivation to follow their cardiac rehabilitation programs. Hypnosis has been very successfully used to help with cancer pain, nausea and other side effects of therapy. Stroke and injury patients can recover function faster with relaxation and hypnotic rehearsal of renewed ability.

Eldon suffered a stroke 120 miles from the nearest hospital on a hunting trip. After six months of medical therapy he still could not use his left arm and leg and was despondent to the point of depression. I worked with Eldon for 5 sessions over three months. His mood improved and he began making rapid strides in recovery. He was able to walk on his left leg and able to use his left hand and arm extensively. He felt that the hypnosis was the key factor getting him off the plateau stage, and back into active recovery.

Note: Hypnosis is never a substitute for medical care - it is a powerful tool to help you and your doctors achieve the best outcomes by getting your mind actively involved in the process.

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PTSD, Childhood Trauma and Time Line Therapy

Many, many people live with the results of painful or traumatic life events. Sometimes such things can leave long-term scars on our minds and behavior. Hypnotherapy can often provide a powerful tool for recovering our past and taking control of post-traumatic stress. Time line therapy is particularly useful in letting us return to the past with our adult strengths. When we apply our current perspective to healing the wounded child within, or to rescuing a part of the mind that is still caught in trauma, our lives can change in miraculous ways. We can let go of events that have haunted us for years and begin to live fully.

"Thank you for providing the medium to allow me to work through and process my deepest feelings. I believe this past session has done more to release inner pain than all the counseling I went through after [my son] died." Shirley

"I want to thank you for your kind & generous gift of healing. It opened doors both personally and professionally." Diane

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Exploring the Unusual

Many people have an interest in past lives, or in enhancing their spiritual lives. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to explore previous lifetimes or to help deepen meditation or a sense of connection with a spiritual path. As an ordained minister, I use such explorations with a sense of deep respect. I help people do past life regressions when there appears to be a karmic cause for problems in this life or to help them come into a sense of spiritual balance and peace.

I have also used hypnosis to help clients uncover and come into balance with UFO experiences and other strange phenomena.

This area of work is not for everyone, but if you have an interest, please call me to see if hypnosis can be of assistance to you.

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Weight Management

I only work on weight reduction with clients I have a prior relationship with, or a history of success on other issues. Occasionally I will work with weight reduction clients referred to me by physicians, health care providers, or other hypnotists when there are complex issues involved. Weight reduction clients typically work with me intensely - 6 sessions over 2 months, and then reserve 1 to 3 sessions for later reinforcement.

For those clients with whom I do not have a prior relationship, I recommend hypnotists and hypnotherapists certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. In the Richmond area, there are many good NGH certified hypnotherapists who work with weight control, including Marie Beach at (804) 794-9408. Other NGH certified hypnotists may be found in the Richmond area using the referral service at www.ngh.net.

"I wanted to find the reason for being afraid of losing weight. I have since lost 40 pounds (41.6 to be exact) and I am enjoying the associated feeling of freedom that comes with every pound gone. Thank you so much for facilitating my change" Kara F., Boise

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Classes and Seminars

In coordination with my colleague, Dr. J. Michael Dunlap, I teach periodic beginning and advanced seminars in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Dr. Dunlap operates the Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy and is a National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist. He has been operating the school since 2009. For information on classes and seminars, please contact Dr. Dunlap at (208) 793-3169

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Prices for Hypnotherapy Services

Most of the issues that bring people to hypnotherapy can be resolved in two to three sessions. Robert charges $150 per session. Sessions last at least 90 minutes. Pediatric abdominal pain clients are eligible for a discount.

Robert treats smoking cessation with a single 3-hour long session. And he guarantees a free support session for a year if needed. The price for the longer stop smoking session is $300. Most people do not need the support session. Imagine total freedom in one session for about 1/5 the cost of a yearly pack-a-day habit! You pay yourself back five times with every year of freedom!

Robert does not file insurance forms. Occasionally, insurance may reimburse part of the cost of hypnotherapy, especially if the service is prescribed by a physician. If you think your health insurance will cover your sessions, after you pay Robert in full, he will prepare a billing statement with the treatment codes, and you can attach it to an insurance claim form and submit the package to your insurer.

Payment is expected at the time of services. At present, Robert accepts cash and checks in payment. Robert does not presently accept debit or credit cards.

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Thank you.Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes MPA, BCH, CHt, CHtA

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