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Hughes Hypnosis and Idaho School of Professional Hypnotherapy

Board Certified Clinical & Consulting Hypnotist
Robert Hughes MPA, BCH, CHt, CHtA

Useful Links and Referrals


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Useful Links

Additional Hypnosis Contacts

Useful Links

  • River Valley Hypnotherapy
    Site: rivervalleyhypnotherapy.com
    River Valley Hypnotherapy's goal is to help you create change in your life through hypnosis that will make you happier, healthier and more empowered to live the life of your dreams.

  • Quitza - Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Referral Service
    Site: quitza.com
    Contact information for smoking cessation hypnotists throughout the US, and in several other, primarily English-speaking, countries.

  • Hypnosis Referral in Boise, Idaho
    Site: boiseidahohypnosis.com
    This website is a resource to help you find the best hypnotist for you in the Boise Idaho area.

  • Free Hypnosis Facts
    Site: www.free-hypnosis-guide.com
    Improve Yourself and Influence Others.

  • Hypnosis & Cancer
    Site: www.mesothelioma.com
    Hypnosis has been shown to demonstrate improved capacity to manage symptoms associated with radiation and chemotherapy regimens in mesothelioma patients as well as that of other types of cancer.

  • Donna Clegg, MSW
    Site: www.transitions-hypnotherapy.com
    A superb hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with a special interest in sports hypnosis

  • Dr. Dan Lester
    Site: www.clinicforcreatingchange.com
    A hypnotherapist in Richmond, VA with over 40 years of practice: Dan can do anything

  • Erica Ginnis
    Site: www.inbreathcommunications.com
    Publishing genius in Pahoa, Hawaii, author of Essential Mysteries

  • J. Michael Dunlap, PhD
    Site: www.fairchildbarresyndrome.com
    Extraordinary hypnosis and hypnotherapy teacher, philosopher, and author of Historical Perspectives on Fairchild-Barré Syndrome; an epic novel of biological and spiritual healing.

  • Leroy Cheyney, CHt
    Site: www.holistichypnosisboise.com
    Hypnotherapy for the Mind, Body and Soul. A very gifted Boise hypnotist, energy worker and shamanic practitioner.

  • Ben Schoeffler, CHt
    Site: www.thrivehypnotherapy.com
    Hypnotherapy to Improve Your Health in Boise, ID.

  • Abby Eagle, Queensland Australia
    Site: www.abbyeagle.com
    An excellent source of information on hypnosis and personality types.

  • Jean Kuty L.Ac. LPC
    Site: www.acuprocess.com,
    A Licensed Acupuncturist is an effective approach to healthcare.

  • Susan Ozimkiewicz, MA, NCC, LPC
    Creative Process Counseling
    Site: www.ozimkiewicz.com
    A Licensed Professional Counselor and Depth Psychotherapist.

  • Center of Peace
    Site: www.centerofpeace.org
    A Science of Mind oriented church in Boise whose teaching is complementary with Robert's healing work.

  • NOTE: More links will be added from time to time.

Additional Hypnosis Contacts

  • J. Michael Dunlap PhD, BCH Boise, ID
    (208) 793-3169

  • Dona Coombs, CHt Boise, ID
    (208) 249-1252

  • Lou Siron CHt Boise, ID
    (208) 376-5969
    General hypnotherapy, past lives

  • Robbie Sawyer, MA, CHt, Sun Valley ID
    (208) 720-1787
    Counseling and Hypnotherapy

  • Dr. Dan Lester, Richmond VA
    (804) 423-7141
    Superb Richmond hypnotherapist

  • Keith Menchel, Richmond VA
    (804) 677-4237
    President of Central Virginia chapter of National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Pat Dawson MSW, Richmond, VA
    Psychotherapist and counselor

  • Tammy Peckham, MSW, Richmond Va
    Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

  • Andy Leon, MSRN, Charlottesville VA
    (434) 962-2136
    Mid-Virginia's best hypnotherapy

  • James Scott, Hampton Roads area, VA

  • Suzan Iscil, Hampton Roads area, VA

  • Oscar Rodriguez, Washington DC

  • Susan Todd, Elizabeth, NC

  • NOTE: More contacts will be added from time to time.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope these links are helpful.       Robert Hughes

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Robert Hughes MPA, BCH, CHt, CHtA

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